Tioman Island has a variety of hiking trails for our guests who enjoy spending time in the jungle and trekking. Tekek Village is well connected, and there are walk-able trails to Juara, Monkey Bay, Paya, Genting and Salang for example. To find out more about the hiking trail to Juara, you can read up about it here: Jungle Trek Tekek to Juara

The trail from The Station in Tekek to Paya village is an easy one. The approximate time is 1.5h from The Station to Paya Beach.

From The Station Tioman you turn right on the mainroad and walk up the hill towards Berjaya Tioman Resort. It’s worth taking a moment at one of the peaks to enjoy the view over the ocean and maybe take a photo or two. You may encounter wild monkeys, and we recommend you avoid them. It’s good to have a stick with you just in case (We rent walking sticks for RM 10 per day)

At the Berjaya gate, let the security guard know that you are walking to Bunot Beach or Paya Village, so that they allow you into the Berjaya Resort compound. The walk through Berjaya is interesting and includes a stroll through their 18-hole golf course, a few little bays and beaches, and flowering plants.

Currently (as of September 2022) they are doing some works on the road, so some of the journey will be around construction sites or on the golf course itself.

Once you’re through the golf course, you will reach the Condotel (apartments and time shares) on your right hand side. This is where the road becomes an off-road trail (for guests who rented a motorbike, this is a good place to leave your bike, and walk the rest. It is possible to drive on, but it is quite technical and not suited to less experience riders). The dirt road leads down to Bunot Beach, which is uninhabited and quite private. There used to be a turtle sanctuary at Bunot Beach which is now deserted. It’s a beautiful spot to have a picnic on the beach or a little swim.

To continue on to Paya Village you walk to the end of Bunot Beach, past the abandoned turtle sanctuary, and left-wards towards the jungle. At the beginning of the trail you will encounter a small bridge and a signboard that says “Welcome to Paya”. It is somewhat premature, as the next part is about a 20minute hike through the jungle.

It is not an advanced hike, but it is somewhat steep, so shoes and a hiking stick are advisable. There are a few section with assist-ropes to help you with the steeper climbs and descents.

On the trail you will come to one spot where you can decide to go left or right. Go left, further into the jungle. If you take the trait towards the right it will take you to the beach, however there is a crossing through the water, which may not be suitable if you have items that need to stay dry. One option would be to bring a dry bag so that you can wade or swim across if you prefer.

If you followed the jungle you will arrive at an ATV rental place with a bridge on the right. Take the bridge and it will lead you into Paya Village.

Paya has quite a few bigger resorts that offer a variety of food options. Paya Beach Resort often serves a buffet lunch, as well as a la carte options, and in the evenings they offer BBQ at their Beach Bar. Towards the end there is Aman Beach Resort which has a deck by the ocean, and some smaller stalls that offer real coffee, which is great for Cappuccino lovers. If you prefer local food, you will find smaller restaurants and stalls throughout.