Trail to Juara from Tekek

A lot of our guests at The Station Tioman enjoy hiking, and we highly recommend exploring the jungle on Pulau Tioman. The most well-known trail on the island is the trail that connects the villages of Tekek and Juara. The trek is approximately 2-3 hours, partly through the jungle, and partly on the road.

The entrance to the trailhead from Tekek is just after the Tekek mosque. From The Station Tioman it is about a 30minute walk up the main road until the T-junction where there is a sign pointing towards “Masjid Jamek Tekek” – The Tekek Mosque. Follow it up the hill until you pass the mosque on your left hand side and arrive at a grey building that has TNB written on it.

The trail head for the Juara trail is slightly hard to identify. Partially because the current path goes through the TNB grounds, and additionally because the beginning of the trail is very overgrown (this may change, as tourism recovers and more hikers take the trail to Juara from Tekek). You can use the pictures below to identify the entrance to the Juara trek.

This road goes passed the Tekek Mosque leading towards the Trailhead to Juara Village

Follow the road passed the Tekek mosque, up towards the trailhead to Juara Village

Picture of Silo on the TNB grounds in Tekek

Keep going towards the silo

Now you are within the TNB compound. There is a grey building on the right not pictured here.


Picture of a wall with a metal grate in front of it and street light

This is the wall that you climb over at the Trailhead to hike to Juara village

Once within the compound at the end of the road, look for a waist-high wall with a grate leaned up against it. This – surprisingly – is the entrance to the trailhead connecting Kampung Tekek and Kampung Juara. It may look different when you visit depending on when the grass was last cut, but this will give you a good idea of where to start your trek to Juara.

Climb over the wall, where you will enter a bit of overgrown bush and see a hint of a trail. Follow the “path” upwards aiming slightly to the left, pushing through the tall grass until the jungle starts to open up in front of you (approx. 5 minutes). Slowly your surroundings will start to look like an actual trail, and you will have started your trek through the Tioman jungle to the other side of Tioman island.

If ever in doubt about the jungle trail, follow the electric cables, which are placed along the ground in big grey pipes. As long as you keep those in sight, you are on the right path to Juara village. If you’re lucky you will see giant squirrels, wild monkeys, jungle bugs, snakes, chameleon, tree skints, flora exclusive to Pulau Tioman, and the famous Rafflesia Flower. Generally animals hide when they hear humans, and many of the indigenous plants are rarely recognised by tourist or hard to find to the untrained eye. We can also recommend a jungle guide for those who want to be shown where to find chameleons, rafflesia and other flora and fauna on Tioman Island.

At some point during the trek you will exit the jungle and arrive at the road. Left (downhill) leads towards Juara village and right (uphill) towards Tekek village. There is also a waterfall in the jungle on the way down, called Ali Waterfall.

For the waterfall look out for a white abandoned building on the right side of the road. Just before that building there is a brown sign that says “Ali Waterfall”. This sign is right by the jungle path that will lead you to the Juara Waterfall or Ali Waterfall. This is a great place to stop for a refreshing dip before continuing down into Juara village.

As you get close to the village you will see the ocean on the horizon and coconut trees growing around you. At the end of the road you will come to a fork in the road. The left road will lead you to Juara Riverview, and the right road to the main part of the village, where you will find Sun Surf Watersports, The Juara Turtle Project, Juara Mutiara Restaurant, Beach Shack, and other well known places in Juara. Straight ahead there is a brick building, and on the other side of it there are 3-4 restaurants facing the beach. One of which is Kak Long Cafe, which is a personal favourite.

Places we recommend for lunch or a refreshing ice tea:

Kak Long Cafe (very friendly owner that makes local food)
Juara Mutiara (they have a coffee machine that makes real coffee)

Kak Long Cafe and Juara Mutiara also have WiFi.

Places that can help you book a car back to Tekek include Kak Long Cafe, Sun Surf, Buschmann, and Beach Shack. The cost for the trip from Juara to Tekek is approx 30-35 per person for one-way. It will take around 20-30 minutes to arrive back home at The Station Tioman.